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Student Accommodation in Cape Town

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Internship South Africa, IO Cape Town

At IO Cape Town we understand that good accommodation during your stay is just as important as a great internship!

At IO Cape Town we are not only focused on assisting students in finding internships and voluntary work experiences but we also assist students in finding the accommodation available. Finding fully furnished, affordable and safe student accommodation in Cape Town can be quite a difficult task, especially when you’re on the other side of the world. That is why our Team at IO Cape Town assists students by offering them a range of accommodation offered by our property partners. In addition, IO students often receive a discount rate from our partnering landlords.
student accommodation in Cape Town: a single room normally costs around 3.500 till 5.500 ZAR per month (300,- or 500,- U.S. Dollars per month). Please understand that this depends strongly on the location, facilities, room etc.

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Cool neighborhoods in Cape Town?

You are probably wondering what are cool neighborhoods to live in. Well there are a variety neighborhoods in Cape Town that a student can live in. Below you will find a list of neighborhoods that are popular amongst international students.

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Cape Town (city center )
For those of you who enjoy the city life, living in Cape Town is an exciting prospect. Living in the city center is convenient. As a resident of Cape Town you will have access to almost everything and anything. The iconic table mountain, the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront, an assortment of restaurants, clubs and pubs and beautiful beaches are all a mere stone throw away. The city center is also close to transport facilities such as the train station and various bus depots, so one will have easy accessibility. Cape Town is a vibrant city, with loads of people populating it on a daily basis. Furthermore the night life in Cape Town is insane!
However, living in the city center has its downfalls too. Like most big cities Cape Town is rather noisy due to the vast amount of people. Furthermore living in the city center can come with a very heavy price tag and one might find that you would pay rather high prices for small apartments.

Bo Kaap (Upper Cape Town)
Bo Kaap is a residential community located in Upper Cape Town, hence the name Bo Kaap. Living in Bo Kaap is awesome mainly because you are situated close to the city center of Cape Town but also because you live in a residential community. Bo Kaap is one of the most fascinating neighborhoods of South Africa. Each house in Bo Kaap is painted in an extravagant colour making it truly unique. There is also a strong sense of community and culture in Bo Kaap. For those of you who want the perks of the city life without the noise pollution, living in Bo Kaap is a good prospect to look into. Bo Kaap is also home to some of the finest Cape Malay cuisine that you will find in South Africa. But don't forget that, just like the city center , living in Bo Kaap can be very expensive due to its location.

Green point and Sea point
Green point and Sea point are two towns situated on the outskirts of Cape Town. What is particularly nice about living in Green point and Sea point is that they are merely a 5 minute drive from Cape Town. Green point and Sea point are home to various restaurants, clubs, the VA water front, the beach and the Iconic Green point stadium that was built for the FIFA 2010 soccer world cup in South Africa. These neighborhoods are one of the most safe places to live, but also most expensive. These neighborhoods are also very popular because they are close to the famous beaches of Campbay and Cliftin one, two, three and four. It should be noted that since the World cup has ended Green point stadium has become notoriously well known for hosting concerts. For example in the past several years Green point has hosted artists such as Eminem, Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Linkin Park, Swedish House Mafia and Lady Gaga.

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Milnerton, Table View and Bloubergstrand (MTB)
MTB is located on the West Coast of Cape Town. These 3 neighborhoods are approximately a 20 to 30 minute drive from Cape Town. Living in any of these neighborhoods is convenient and efficient. Accessibility into Cape Town is easy as one can literally just hop onto a "My City bus" at the various bus depots that are located in these communities. This mode of transport is easy, safe and relatively cheap. Also Milnerton, Tableview and Bloubergstrand are quiet residential communities that are located close to the beach. So for those of you who are looking for peace and quiet away from the noisy city these neighborhoods are for you. MTB are relatively safe communities and they all are situated close to the beach. For those of you who enjoy (kite)surfing you may want to consider staying in MTB as there is a strong presence of (kite)surfers on the beaches every day.

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Woodstock and Observatory (WO)
Woodstock and “Obs” are two towns situated on the outskirts of Cape Town making accessibility into Cape Town rather convenient. For the most part people who live in Woodstock and Observatory get to share all the perks people living into Cape Town get. Observatory is well-known in the international student community, there are nice bars and other places which makes it a preferable place for students to live.

Rondebosch is a vibrant community situated approximately within a 15 minute drive from Cape Town. Rondebosch is close to the University of Cape Town (UCT) so it is filled with students who make the town lively. Furthermore, Rondebosch is also filled with several restaurants and the Newlands stadium where various professional rugby and cricket matches are held. Rondebosch is a quiet and peaceful community.

Stellenbosch located about 50 to 60 minute drive out of Cape Town. It is well known for producing some of the best wines this country has to offer. It is also home to the University of Stellenbosch so there is a strong student presence which makes the town lively. Stellenbosch is a beautiful town with several scenic hiking trails and beautiful mountains and some of the finest restaurants you will find in this country. For more information, check out our Stellenbosch page or send us an e-mail. student accommodation Stellenbosch you can check the website: Student Rooms Abroad.