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Hosting an international interns

internship South Africa
Internship South Africa, IO Cape Town

Would you like to host an intern from IO Cape Town? On this page you will find more information about hosting an intern from IO Cape Town. If you have any questions regarding hosting an international intern please contact our IO Cape Town Director Michael and send your e-mail to

We receive applications looking for internships in all kind of field, such as: communications, marketing, business development, hospitality management, engineering, logistics, social studies and more.
Our student are highly motivated and looking for ways to develop themselves and to boost their CV. IO Cape Town is here to help them with this. We offer the full package to our students. This means, we help them finding an internship but we also organize accommodation, help them applying for their visa, we pick them up from the airport and give them an orientation about living in South Africa. And during their internship our team members are 24/7 available for our students if any may happen.
It's our goal to make sure that our students have the most amazing experience ever. Therefore we achieve to deliver the perfect match between hosting companies and interns and we also organize activities for our interns during the weekends.

All students are screened by IO Cape Town trough a qualitative screening process done by IO Cape Town’s representatives and all students are able to speak English fluently. After the screening process done by IO Cape Town, companies can decide to invite the application for a Skype interview. If you would like to add your internship program or if you have any questions about adding an internship program please contact us at info(@) . Graduation Assignments
Regularly we receive applications from students who looking for graduation assignments. If you organisation is looking for a student to research the export or growth possibilities. One of our students can be put on these assignments as a graduation internships. These students will then work 4 to 6 months on this research and will present you the results of the research when the internship is finished. Examples for other graduations assignment subjects are:
- Customer experience
- Target market research
- Company Strategy
- Structure issues
Also feel free to bring in your own subjects.

All applicants that apply for an internship will arrive in South Africa with the right legally documents. Students will need to submit a few documents at the embassy in their home country. Such as: letter from their doctor, letter from their university, proof of accommodation and a letter of invitation (Written by the hosting company)

Where do our students come from?
We receive most applications from The Netherlands, this also where our headquarters is situated. But we also receive applications from: USA, United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, Finland, Spain, China and Norway.

What kind of students apply
The students that apply are highly motivated students that are looking for ways to improve themselves and their CV buy gaining international experience. All students are screened by IO Cape Town true a qualitative screening process done by IO Cape Town’s representatives.

Internships are generally full time office hours with a maximum of 40 hours per week. Interns & companies can discuss alternate hours/days to suit both parties.

Internships normally have duration of 4 to 6 moths, occasionally this is longer or shorter. Traineeships often take about 12 moths also here occasionally it takes longer or shorter.

Due visa regulations all international need to be insured by an South African insurance company.

IO Cape Town also helps our students finding suitable housing. We have different houses available in several area's in Cape Town. if you want to offer your accommodation to our students please send us an email.

Feel free to contact us at:
Team IO Cape Town - Internships & Volunteering South Africa