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Safety in South Africa

internship south africa
Internship South Africa, IO Cape Town

At IO Cape Town our students safety is of the utmost importance. We therefore try to ensure that our students are housed in secured housing within safe communities..

Although, we try our best to ensure our students safety the onus is also upon the student to ensure their own safety. As a result, our students will receive an orientation upon their arrival that will detail issues of safety and security in South Africa. Students will be given certain guidelines on how to ensure their wellbeing and the wellbeing of others during their stay in South Africa. Furthermore, students should also know at the IO Cape Town we provide a 24 hours on call so students are allowed to call us at any time in the event of an emergency.

Safety in Cape Town
Although Cape Town is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, like every other city it has its social issues and unfortunately crime is one of them. As a result, one question that students always tend to ask when making the decision to come to Cape Town is, is Cape Town safe? There are many places in Cape Town where you will find that you can walk around freely. But crimes such as theft of personal belongings and burglaries unfortunately do take place. It is advisable, that when our students go out at night that they do so in groups of people rather than alone and please do not walk drunk at night on the streets. Students are also encouraged to not walk around with large amounts of cash on them and never to accept help from anyone at an ATM. Furthermore our students are also advised to lock their bicycles, homes and cars at all times and never to leave valuable items such as iPads, cameras, mobile phones and wallets/handbags unattended.

Stellenbosch is a student city and is relatively safe. For the most part the city is secured by campus security. Despite the high level of security, students are still encouraged to be aware of their surroundings, students are therefore advised to lock their bicycles, homes and cars at all times and never to leave valuable items such as iPad, camera's, mobile phones and wallets/handbags unattended.

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