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Getting Around / Transportation

internship south africa

It can take a while to understand what the best way is to get from one spot to another. There are different ways to do so, but renting a car can be advised in South Africa. Depending on your internship location.

Transportation in and around Cape Town
Cape Town has an efficient bus system known as the "My City" bus system. These buses are affordable and run through Cape Town and its surrounding suburbs. There are also various car rental agencies. Students can roughly pay about 200/250 euros / dollars to rent a car for a month. These prizes do vary, depending on the car rental agency and the type of car that one would hire. Students who love to stay in and around downtown (city centre/bo-kaap,obs/greenpoint) do not really need a car.

The transport situation in Stellenbosch is different. Since Stellenbosch is a small student town one can generally move around town with a bicycle. However for those students working at wine farms it is advised that one either car pool or rent a car to get to work as the wine farms are usually on the outskirts of the town. Furthermore students who wish to visit Cape Town or go on weekend trips will need a car to do so.

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