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Internship South Africa, IO Cape Town

IO Cape Town has several successful collaborations with universities in Europe. Internationalisation is becoming more and more important at universities in Europe and IO Cape Town can help your university in various ways with this matter. The two most popular services from IO Cape Town towards universities in Europe are:
- 1. Sending available internship positions for students to apply on.
- 2. Attending information and orientation days about study abroad opportunities with our IO Cape Town stand.

Internship south Africa Our organisation offers quality and highly affordable internship programs in Cape Town. We can assist your university in different ways such as, pre-selected vacancies which meets the universities requirements. We can also design complete internship and volunteering program programs tailored to the universities wishes.

We can assist your organisation in the following way:
- Providing an information booklet about interning in Cape Town.
- Send posters and flyers which can be used by your organisation.
- Send pre-selected vacancies that meets the university’s requirements.
- Educate students and teachers about the internship and/or volunteering possibilities in South Africa.

If you have questions regarding our organisation or if you would like to know more about what IO Cape Town can do to assist your organisation, then feel free to contact us at info())