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Internship Visa - South Africa

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Internship South Africa, IO Cape Town

When conducting an internship in South Africa you probably have to apply for an internship visa. This depends on the country you come from and the duration of your internship. When you need to apply for an internship visa longer which is valid for longer than 90 day's you will have to submit several documents at the South African embassy in your home country. Some of these documents are: proof of accommodation, letter of invitation from your internship company and you will need to apply for insurance in South Africa. IO Cape Town assist all its students with applying for the required visa. If you have any questions regarding the required visa, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Due new regulations most students that apply for an internship visa in South Africa will have to obtain an insurance in South Africa. IO Cape Town will assist all its student to apply for the right insurance that is required by the South African government to apply for an internship visa.

Proof of accommodation
All students have to submit proof of accommodation which is issued by the students landlord. Only South African residences are allowed to write such letters. IO Cape Town is affiliated with several student houses, apartments and home-stay's in Cape Town and Stellenbosch area. This way we are able to organize housing for all our students and meets their requirements and the Visa requirements.

Please start with requesting the required internship visa well in advance! This process can take up to 6 weeks. We receive many e-mails from students who have organized their own internship but need help because they started to late with organizing their visa.
If you need help with finding accommodation, insurance or general information about requesting the internship visa, please contact us at info(@) .

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