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Conduct an internship in Cape Town, South Africa

internship south africa

Cape Town is one of the best places to conduct internships or gain voluntary work experience. Every year, hundreds of international students from abroad flock to Cape Town to gain one of the most amazing experiences ever!

Cape Town, also known as the "mother city" is widely heralded as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It's landscape, that is host to a multitude of beautiful beaches, a majestic harbour, the iconic table mountain and of course millions of beautiful and spirited individuals from diverse cultures is simply breath taking. Cape Town is also known as the legislative capital of South Africa and is a key contributor to the economy. Due to Cape Town's natural beauty industries such as tourism and film and movie industries flourish creating jobs and various other opportunities for many. Furthermore there are numerous other small and large scale businesses located in Cape Town. Over the last years IO Cape Town has created a database with a large number of companies, organisations and NGO’s who are always looking for enthusiastic interns and volunteers.

Internship Cape Town

Cape Town is the ideal location for an international student to conduct an internship and/or to do a voluntary work experience. Students get to build their occupational skills and have a good time as well. When you are in Cape Town, it is hardly any wonder why every year thousands of international students from all around the world flock to Cape Town to either study at one of the academic institutions, conduct an internship or volunteer at various organizations. Besides the city’s natural beauty, there are a lot of activities that one can do in Cape Town such as; shark cage diving, skydiving, seal snorkelling, and hiking to mention but a few. The combination of adventure, culture and natural beauty in Cape Town makes Cape Town a very popular place for students to conduct their internships. And it’s n suprise that most of the students will return to Cape Town after their internship or volunteering program.

Internship south Africa

International Students

At any given time we have a group between 20 and 40 students conducing an internship or volunteering project in Cape Town. They stay in students flat in various great neighbourhoods in Cape Town. We organize great weekly activities during your stay. Ranging from full Moon hikes to surf Lessons and from shark cage diving to weekends away In Cederburg. These activites are a great opportunity to meet other international students and to explore what Cape Town has to offer.

IO Cape Town

IO Cape Town is the number one placement agency for your internship or volunteering program in Cape Town, South Africa. Over the previous years we have a huge database with hundreds of companies and NGO looking for motivated and talented interns and volunteers. We have a great team both local team here to make sure you will a-once-in-a-life-time experience!
At IO Cape Town we highly recommend that if you are looking for an amazing internship experience then come to one of the most awesome cities on the planet, namely Cape Town! For more information about conducting an internship or voluntary work experience please contact us at io(@)

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