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Accommodation during your volunteering program

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Volunteering in South Africa, IO Cape Town

To make your perfect summer abroad you need to have good accommodation and if possible close to your volunteering program. At IO Cape Town we understand that good and quality accommodation is just as important as a great volunteer project! We have connections with the greatest landlords in and around Cape Town.

Costs of accommodation in Cape Town
A single room in an international student or volunteer house in Cape Town normally costs around 3.500 till 5.500 ZAR per month (250 - 450 USD) the prices of student accommodation in Cape Town depends on the the location, room, facilities and exchange rate. You can also check a new platform for student accommodation in Cape Town. Here you can find your own student accommodation or get an impression on what is available in Cape Town.

We always make sure that our students’ and volunteers residences are located near their volunteering program and in located in areas in Cape Town where many other exchange students and international volunteers students residence.